The MP3 and OGG indexer

If you have lots of MP3s and OGGs, you might also have them organized in your directory. I for myself keep them all in /mp3 /mp3/Alben and /mp3/Songs.

Since there are lots of people who would like to be able to browse, search and download music from me, I wrote a 2-component-script which consists of an indexer who scans all my directories for songs and inserts them into my database and a frontend in PHP which allows browsing, searching and downloading of songs and even on-the-fly compression of whole directory-trees.


Sometimes, a screenshot says more than words.

here's what a search-result looks like.
And here's the directory-browsing view:

What you need:



Get the latest version here!

Last modified: 04.03.2004 [01:10:32]